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Plating Problems Solved

Why People Choose Our Rectifiers

What’s Important to you? This rectifier has been developed based on 31 years of feedback from surface finishing shop managers and users.

These are just a few of the plating problems a quality rectifier can help with. For a full list of rectifier features as well as a comparison to other power supplies on the market click the button below.

Easy Installation

Say goodbye to your giant loud and heavy dinosaur rectifiers. ION Rectifiers are designed to be easily installed in your shop. They DO NOT require process changes or special chemistry to work. Our remote control option,  allows you to install units anywhere and still have full control.


It’s a nightmare when your plating power supply is down. We understand the importance of reliability to your business. Our rugged corrosion-proof IP65 cases combined with multiple electronic protections ensure long life and maximum uptime.

Easy To Use

Designed to be extremely easy to use, our 7″ touchscreen control panel is a dream for operators. Even complex activities such as ramping programs and automation controls are easy to understand and implement.

Consistent Results

Wouldn’t you like to take the “art” out of plating? With automatic load adjustment and programable workflows, consistent results are a norm. Once the unit is set, your operators simply press a button and the same thing happens every time.

High-speed Pulse

Solve many plating problems all at once simply by implementing high-speed pulse plating. Get better current distribution, reduced metals and additive consumption, finer grain structure, enhanced brightness, improved corrosion resistance and faster plating speeds.

Reduce Electricity Costs

Our switch-mode-based rectifiers offer approximately 95% efficiency. The electricity savings, especially in high power applications, ensure your ROI on anodizing rectifiers and hard chrome power supplies is quick.

Programmable Features

Our microprocessor-controlled systems have advanced capabilities such as programmable timers, Amp hour counters, programmable process recipes, thickness programs, and an optional PLC interface and dosing pump control. 

Easy to Service

ION Rectifiers are engineered to make accessing and/or replacing internal components very easy. Our rugged yet lightweight construction makes shipping and handling the units much easier and cost-effective. However, our plug-and-play architecture means most repairs can be handled on-site.

The PULSE Advantage

High Speed Pulse Plating Savings

Forget complicated formulas and configurations. Our high-speed pulse rectifiers are money making machines. These are real world results our customers have experienced by using our pulse rectifiers.

The truth is, if you don’t understand and use pulse your competitors undoubtedly will.


Raw Materials Saved


Energy Savings


Reject Reduction


Additive Savings