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Green Power Products has gone through a branding change. The new company is called ION Precision Products. ION’s website is The rectifiers have the same innovative and groundbreaking design as GPP.  ION Rectifiers are Made in Texas.

ION Precision Products Press Release


ION Precision Products 04-18-2022

Green Power Products LLC Announces Name Change to ION Precision Products LLC

ION – an atom or group of atoms that carries a positive or negative electric charge as a result of having lost or gained one or more electrons. In surface finishing, electricity causes negatively charged ions (anions) to move to the anode and positively charged ions (cations) to transfer to the cathode, covering or plating the desired part in an even metal coating. Precisely managing these charges primarily involves the power supply, also known as the rectifier that changes AC into Pulsed (square-wave) or straight DC.

Sachse, TX, 04-18-2022. ION Precision Products LLC, a Texas-based manufacturer of advanced rectifiers used in the surface finishing, PCB, and waste treatment industry, announced today that it has changed its name. The new name reflects the changed state of the company and helps differentiate us from the inferior products coming from other countries and the often technologically outdated systems sold by long-established American companies.

We also felt that this was an appropriate time to make other changes as we finalized the move from Brazil to be 100% USA-made. During this transitional period, we made many organizational changes. The ownership structure has changed, the location of manufacturing has changed, our manufacturing processes and machinery are even better, and our system engineering is constantly being upgraded. In today’s world of constant change, the word ION is 100% appropriate.

“Our mission is to bring the most advanced rectifier in the world to the US and move all aspects of the business here to Texas, which is the best place to do business in the world,” said Josue Zazulla. “The ION name is appropriate now as we go through so many changes and appropriate for the future as we revolutionize one business at a time with our next generation high-speed pulse technology. Just as IONs by definition are changed and impart that change to the other atoms around them, so do we plan to transform the surface finishing industry, waste treatment industry, and other power-dependent industries in America.”

About ION Precision Products.

American plating shops are filled with ancient inefficient, giant, and loud rectifiers that cost them money every day even though they are paid off. We make power supplies for the plating industry, anodizing, wastewater (electrocoagulation), and other industries that need efficient, small footprint, dependable, precise, and easy-to-operate power supplies. Our next-generation high-speed, high-power pulse power supplies are changing the way manufacturers do business. They are money-making machines that save energy, reduce raw material usage, reduce additive usage, and improve qualities such as corrosion resistance and current distribution. We believe that every manufacturer should upgrade to a power system that makes them more competitive in the world market and makes them money every day.

Our mission is to help empower US manufacturers to be competitive in the world market so that manufacturing, the most important tool in the creation of real wealth, can grow stronger in the USA. We believe that the values enshrined in the founding documents of The United States should be protected at all costs and that reshoring manufacturing is critical in providing the capacity to do so. 

Our Leadership Team:

Josue Zazulla (Founder) has been applying his knowledge and expertise to champion high-speed pulse in the surface finishing industry for over 30 years. Born and raised in Brazil, he established a power supply company that quickly transformed the manufacturing sector in the Brazilian economy. Unfortunately the changing political and economic climate made doing business in Brazil untenable. In 2010, Josue decided to try and move the business to the United States. During a surface finishing conference in 2014, Josue met Dan Dunigan and Dan agreed to help Josue establish a presence in the USA. The rest as they say is “History in the making”.

Mark Coleman (Co-Founder) has been instrumental in transitioning the company to be based in the US, by providing logistical support, sales support, marketing management, and business operational support during these challenging times. As a US Army Veteran, he has embraced the challenges of these times and worked tirelessly to make sure we are able to keep our commitments and push forward no matter what obstacles we might face. As a highly technical and entrepreneurial person, he loves finding ways to bring this disruptive technology to market. His goal is to make ION the category king of power supplies.

Dan Dunigan (Co-Founder) has over 30 years of experience in the surface finishing industry and is an owning partner in A Brite Company (ABC). ABC has been providing Chemistry, Equipment, Waste Treatment, and Lab services for the manufacturing sector for over 40 years. They specialize in providing products and incredibly knowledgeable support for the surface finishing industry. Dan was so impressed with the engineering and technology of what was then called “General Inverter” that he partnered with Josue and expended what can only be described as a “Herculean effort” to get Josue and his company to America.


Media Contact:

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